A new tattoo-history blog!

Dear Tattoo History Daily fans!

I’ve finally created a space where I can post occasional longer articles about tattoo history, mainly inspired by what I post on Tattoo History Daily but also venturing into topics such as exhibit, book, and film reviews (all tattoo-related of course) and perhaps even some occasional philosophizing or editorializing (I will spare you too much of that, however). The volume of posts will be entirely contingent upon how busy I am with other projects, but I have three queued up in my mind currently for the near future…a piece on the Baer criminology text with incredible pre-machine-era tattoo documentation, a proper review of the Jacoulet show at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, and a write-up of the incredible South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology where Ötzi the Iceman resides.

And to be blunt honest as is my wont, this is also a first attempt at trying to–in some small way–monetize the project as up until now it has been completely a labor of love. So click on links (especially to buy books or other products)–not all of them will necessary be monetization opportunities (most will probably just be sharing tattoo-history love or references) but some will. Also consider donating to the project via PayPal at tattoohistorian@gmail.com.

Thanks for all the incredible support since I launched Tattoo History Daily in October of 2012!

Stay tuned for my second Tattoo History Monthly piece coming up in Tattoo Culture Magazine. (And if you haven’t read the first one, you can still download it for free!)

And don’t forget you can follow Tattoo History Daily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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2 responses to “A new tattoo-history blog!

  1. Prvi Potpredsjednik

    we want more!

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